How to start, inspect and maintain the engine of the wetland amphibious excavator??

Check whether components and parts have been lost or damaged during transportation, whether components and parts have looseness or fallen off.Add water, engine fuel, engine oil and hydraulic oil fully in accordance with stipulations.

SUNTON PU260-3 Amphibious Undercarriage for Long Reach Caterpillar CAT320E

​One set SUNTON PU260-3 Amphibious undercarriage was shipped to Europe market in April 2016. This amphibious base or undercarriage is fitted to long reach Caterpillar CAT320E excavator and perfectly built as per European customer’s requirement.

Long Reach Boom for Doosan Excavator

​After the Chinese Spring Festival, one new batch of long reach boom was shipped to Europe market. They are equipped to Doosan excavators.

SUNTON Series Long Reach Boom and High Reach Demolition Boom for Caterpillar Excavators

​On 8 Dec., 2015, another batch long reach boom and high reach booms were shipped to Europe market. This batch booms are mainly used for CATERPILLAR excavators. Before the batch size order, Customer has been to our factory for the carefully production ins

Diesel Booster Sand Pump for Thick Liquids, Sands or Sludge.

​On 6 Sept., 2015, one batch of SUNTON 100DKB-200 diesel booster pumps were shipped to Africa market. Diesel booster pump is also called as sewage pump, cutter suction pump, sand pump or slurry mud pump.

SUNTON QW150-180-30 Submersible Sewage Pump

​On 13 April, 2015, one batch of SUNTON QW 150-180-30 submersible sewage pumps were shipped to Africa market. This order also includes some excavator buckets and spare parts for amphibious excavators.

SUNTON PU220 Floating Pontoons Compatible to Hyundai210 Excavator

One Full Set SUNTON PU220 Floating Pontoons with Spuds and Side Pontoons was sold to Europe in Dec., 2014. This amphibious undercarriage includes 2 floating pontoons, 2 side pontoons and 2 hydraulic spuds system to be as the stabilizers for operations on

SUNTON 21m High Reach Demolition Boom and 16m Long Reach Boom for Sale!!

​On Nov. 20, 2015, Another batch SUNTON long reach boom and High reach demolition boom was effected the shipment to Europe market. Customers have been to China to inspect several factories for booms and finally placed the order to SUNTON with good commend

SUNTON Extendable Amphibious Undercarriage for 20tons Excavators!!

On June 24, 2015 one set extendable amphibious undercarriage for 20tons excavators was sold to American Market. SUNTON designs 3 types extendable amphibious undercarriage, including fully hydraulically extendable undercarriage, manually extendable underca

​One Set SUNTON PU220 Mud Buggy Excavator Pontoons were Sold to Europe!

​On Dec. 29, 2014, one set SUNTON PU220 mud buggy pontoons was delivered to another European customer. It’s used to build 22tons mud buggies or amphibious excavators. This set mud buggy will be used on deep water area for dredging and reclamation works of

Sewage cutter pump and diesel booster pump for sale!!

​On Nov. 23, 2014, SUNTON delivered another batch of sewage pump. This batch of sewage pumps are designed as diesel booster pump for pumping sewage and high solid content liquid mixture over 40%, reaching 70% solid content.

Submersible Sewage Pump and Excavator Undercarriage Spare Parts for sales to Africa !!

Under customer’s demands for dredge pumps, SUNTON develops electrical submersible pump for sewage applications. The pump’s impeller and shafts are both made of stainless steel. Pump body is cast iron.

Dredge Pump Installation

The pump installation is correct or not will have a significant impact on the normal operation and service life of the pump, the installation and calibration must be both carefully performed.

Full Range Supply of Amphibious Undercarriage Track Chain Parts and Accessories !

​On Nov. 21, 2014, one batch of wearing parts for amphibious undercarriage track chains system were delivered to Europe Market.SUNTON has in stock supply for any kind of spare parts and accessories for complete categories of SUNTON dredging equipment and

Three Sets SUNTON PU200 Amphibious Excavator Pontoons were Sold to Europe!

On Oct.29, 2014, Three sets SUNTON PU200 Amphibian Excavator’ Pontoons and Spuds system were shipped to Europe Market. These pontoons are fit to 20tons amphibian excavators. They will be used in the projects of the oil and gas explorations for constructio


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