SUNTON Amphibious Excavator Undercarriage for Caterpillar CAT308 and Hitachi ZX75 Excavator

Our company main Floating Backhoe Excavator, Swamp Buggy Excavator, Amphibious Excavator Undercarriage, we have many years of export experience and advanced technology, we have strict testing requirements quality, here will enjoy the professional service

Development prospect of amphibious excavator

Our professional export swamp buggy excavator, Long Reach Excavator Boom, Amphibious excavator, We have a wealth of experience and innovative technology, where you will enjoy professional services and reasonable prices.

Amphibious excavator should pay attention to when walking (one)

Amphibious excavator walking, we should pay attention to a few points, only usually pay attention to maintenance, to be able to extend the life of the excavator, improve work efficiency.

How to shorten the working time of amphibious excavator

We are Amphibious Excavator, swamp buggy excavator of China manufacturers, we can provide professional services and competitive prices.

The brief introduction of amphibious undercarriages

The undercarriage of an amphibious excavator or marsh buggy is built on two large steel pontoons with the tracks mounted around them. The pontoons are custom fabricated for a particular machine to provide the correct displacement and balance to allow the

Amphibious excavator maintenance common sense

If you need Amphibious Excavator, swamp buggy excavator,amphibian vehicle,please contact us at any time.

Rescue artifact: Amphibious Excavator

We provide a variety of hot products: Amphibious Excavator, swamp buggy excavator, Long Reach Excavator Boom,Welcome to our company to choose the products you need.

The application of amphibious excavator

The amphibious excavator can be as river dredging and water governance, wetlands, marshes and river, river, lake, sea, beach resources development and environmental remediation and other.

The feature of SUNTON brand new amphibious excavators

The feature of brand new amphibious excavators is that can allow the machine to safely float and move on water or soft terrains.We also have hot products such as swamp buggy excavator,cutter suction dredger,amphibious undercarriage etc.

Do you know the difference between the amphibious excavator and Land excavator

Amphibious amphibious excavator, we specialize in the export of amphibious excavators, swamp vehicles, amphibious excavator chassis and amphibious excavator accessories, the best products, the most suitable price.

Hot sale sunton Long Reach Excavator Boom

As a professional Chinese manufacturer, our Long Reach Excavator Boom, Amphibious Excavator, Amphibious Undercarriage, we provide a variety of excavator equipment and accessories with high quality, reasonable price.

What are we going to offer if you buy Amphibious Excavator?

Amphibious Excavator is a kind of excavator which is suitable for land, swamp and shallow water. Our company work on the manufacture, production, sales and export of such excavators and some machinery, etc

The Advantages of SUNTON Amphibious Excavators

SUNTON is the earliest and the most professional OEM manufacturer specializing in amphibious dredging and mining equipment, especially amphibious excavators.

How much do you know about amphibious excavators?

Excavators are a common small machine that can be seen on construction sites. But how much do you know about the amphibious excavator? As one of amphibious excavator suppliers from China, SUNTON will give you a brief introduction.

What are the matters needing attention during excavation, digging or dredging operations of the amphibian excavator??

Do not use boom oil cylinder for excavation, boom oil cylinder can be used only for boom lifting; do not use boom for sidewise traction; it is not allowed to slew when the machine is excavating; it is not allowed to drive a pile into the ground by using b


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