How to operate safely a swamp buggy excavator?

It is very important to operate the swamp buggy excavator in a safe and standardized manner in accordance with requirements of instruction manual during work, only by doing so, can normal work of the swamp buggy excavator and safety of personnel and property be ensured, therefore, special attention should be paid to following items to be noticed during actual work, make sure not to operate in violation of regulations.

1. When excavator is traveling or operating:

Before starting, traveling or slewing, it is necessary to sound whistle for alarm, if necessary, there should be commanding person, who sends signal to driver before action. Operation by person other than driver is strictly forbidden.

During operation, it is necessary to pay attention to surrounding environment, entry of human being, livestock, vehicle and etc into operation area is strictly forbidden.

When operating near high voltage line, it is necessary to keep certain safety distance between swamp buggy excavator body and high voltage line.

When the swamp buggy excavator is operating or is traveling, it is absolute forbidden for any person to stand on swamp buggy excavator body.

In case of long time of traveling, it is necessary to place idler on the front side.

Do not travel at speed exceeding that given in technical parameters. It is strictly forbidden to apply brake by putting bucket on the ground.

Before the swamp buggy excavator travels in water or operates in mud, it is necessary to check whether hull is damaged.

It is necessary to select the place to go into water before the swamp buggy excavator goes into water, normally the inclined surface should be no more than 10 degrees. Do not go into water and travel under the circumstances of extremely high water flow rate and extremely high stormy wave.

For the swamp buggy excavator under complete floating condition, care should be taken for swing or lifting boom operation.

Do not operate the swamp buggy excavator rapidly. In case of occurrence of abnormal conditions, it is necessary to check timely rather than act recklessly.

2.When driver leaves cab:

Bucket must be placed on ground.

Turn off engine, pull off key, and lock doors before leaving, so as to prevent illegal operation by miscellaneous persons not involved.

Pay attention to safety when getting on/off the swamp buggy excavator, it is not allowed to jump on/off swamp buggy excavator body.

3.When checking and repairing

When checking and repairing the swamp buggy excavator, in order to prevent accidental operation, engine must be turned off.

During checking and repairing, it is essential to place bucket on the ground. It is not allowed to use parts of the swamp buggy excavator itself as support, it is necessary to add external support.

Do not disassemble hydraulic device at discretion, in case of discovery of abnormal conditions, only professionals can operate, otherwise hazard may occur.

When replacing engine components, it is essential to use genuine auxiliary components, do not substitute bolts on hydraulic device and pipeline with common bolts.

After swamp buggy excavator operation, there is certain pressure in hydraulic oil and lubrication agent, if plug is taken out abruptly during checking, serious accident may occur. After gradual reduction of internal pressure by unscrewing plug slowly, take out plug or dismantle lid. Meanwhile take care not to contact with high temperature surface of the swamp buggy excavator or high pressure oil liquid, so as to avoid injury.

It is forbidden to smoke when checking, repairing or filling oil.

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