How to fix a problem of swamp buggy excavator breakdown?

Swamp buggy excavator breakdown and diagnose

In case of discovery of any abnormal phenomena of the swamp buggy excavator, it is necessary to stop the swamp buggy excavator immediately and check timely, the following table lists normal malfunction symptoms, reasons and elimination methods for reference.

1.Analysis of diesel engine malfunction

Regarding analysis and elimination method of diesel engine malfunction, please read instruction manual of relevant models of diesel engine.

2.Analysis of other malfunctions



Elimination methods

Diesel engine works normally, operation handles is in position, the swamp buggy excavator does not move or can not work normally

Pilot lock has not been opened


Directional control valve spool is blocked in middle position

Dismantle and check

Abrasion of pilot pump spline

Dismantle and check or replace

vibration of pump working pipeline

Change of pressure setup value


Inadequate oil liquid

Fill oil into oil tank

Pipeline fixture is loose


Hydraulic pump is damaged

Replace or repair

Upper structure can not to slew or can not to slew steadily

Swing motor is damaged

Repair or replace

Swing device is damaged or is in shortage of oil

Replace or lubricate

Swing gear is damaged or is in shortage of oil

Replace or lubricate

Swing bearing is damaged or is in shortage of oil

Replace or lubricate

Swing valve spool is blocked tightly

Dismantle and check



The swamp buggy excavator can not travel steadily


The swamp buggy excavator can not travel steadily

Crawler tension force is extremely large or is blocked tightly


Crawler chain has not been lubricated correctly


Distortion of buoyancy tank or crawler shoes


Malfunction of traveling pilot valve


Block of traveling valve spool

Dismantle and check

Discovery of rubber scrape in filter

Oil cylinder sealing ring is damaged

Clean and replace

There is oxidation scale in filter

Pipeline system is unclean

Eliminate or replace filter element

There is foam or emulsification phenomenon in oil

Air is mixed in oil


Oil oxidization

Change oil

Engine power is inadequate

Engine driving power is small

Adjust or repair

Main power of variable displacement pump is large


Choke cable is too tight


Water content of fuel is large

Change oil

Motor operation is weak

Relief valve failure, change of pressure setup value


Extremely high oil temperature

Cooler failure or hydraulic oil grade is not correct

check or replace

Fan belt is extremely loose


Adjust tension

Block of cooler radiator


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