How to correctly check and maintain the swamp buggy excavators?

When using a unit of new swamp buggy excavator, special attention should be paid to maintenance, in case of merely operation without paying attention to working mode and swamp buggy excavator maintenance, the swamp buggy excavator may be subject to frequent occurrence of malfunctions or occurrence of serious accidents.

1. Replacement of hydraulic oil

It is essential to replace hydraulic oil and hydraulic oil filter element upon 500 hours of work of new swamp buggy excavator, and replace once per 1,000 hours approximately afterwards. In case of discovery of abnormal condition of hydraulic oil in daily check, no matter whatever hours the swamp buggy excavator has worked, it is necessary to replace hydraulic oil immediately; in case hydraulic oil is polluted or deteriorates too early, it is necessary to analyze root cause first, then replace hydraulic oil after eliminating root cause. When draining off oil, prepare a container of more than 200 liters capacity and place it underneath oil tank, firstly press down breather filter button to discharge compressed gas inside oil tank, then open oil drainage screw plug on bottom of oil tank to drain off oil. Before filling oil, it is necessary to pay attention to clean sediment inside oil tank and oil filter, open oil tank upper cover, fill hydraulic oil. When filling oil, it is necessary to select hydraulic oil of specified grade, meanwhile pay attention to keep dust and sand from entering oil. When hydraulic oil enters empty system, partial gas will enter pipeline with hydraulic oil and cause phenomena such as instability of movement, vibration and etc, in order to avoid this kind of conditions, it is necessary to push pilot operation handle operation slowly after filling oil, and proceed with idle running of the swamp buggy excavator for at least 5 minutes, the purpose is to enable hydraulic oil to fill pipeline fully, and discharge air out of the system. After filling oil, it is necessary to check oil level, the normal practice is to check oil level after a period of time of running after filling oil, after oil fills the whole system fully.

2. wire mesh strainer

Clean wire mesh strainer once per 1,000 hours. When replacing or cleaning filter element, after discharging high pressure gas in oil tank, dismantle upper cover of oil tank, after pulling out rod and taking out filter element, wash filter element, it is necessary to replace timely in case of damage. Be careful not to damage filter element and sealing ring during operation.

3. Return filter

Element of return filter must be replaced upon 300 hours of work of new swamp buggy excavator, and be checked once per 500 hours afterwards, in case of damage or distortion, it is necessary to replace timely. When checking or replacing filter element, dismantle filter upper cover, draw out filter element for checking or replace with new filter element.

4. servo filter

Element of servo filter must be replaced upon 300 hours of work of new swamp buggy excavator, and be replaced once per 500 hours afterwards. Firstly unscrew cover, then unscrew filter element. When replacing filter element, housing must be cleaned, and be replaced together with O- ring.

Regular replacement and cleaning of filter element and maintenance of oil cleanliness can prolong life of hydraulic device.

5. Diesel engine

Check and maintain diesel engine in accordance with requirements of relevant engine instruction manual.

6. Diesel engine oil

Before starting diesel engine, engine oil level must be checked, in case of inadequacy of oil volume, please fill engine oil from oil filler, and please refer to relevant engine instruction manual for detailed operation.

7. Engine oil filter element

It is necessary to replace engine oil filter element and engine oil upon 50 hours of work of new swamp buggy excavator, and once per 250 hours afterwards. Please refer to relevant engine usage instruction manual for replacement.

8. Fuel filter

Replace upon 50 hours of work of new swamp buggy excavator, and once per 250 hours afterwards. Please refer to relevant engine usage instruction manual for replacement.

9. Air filter

The swamp buggy excavator engine adopts dry type air filter, of which air filter element life depends on dust in dust collector and elimination condition, in case of failure to eliminate dust timely, filter element will be blocked very soon. Therefore, elimination is needed in case of half dust accumulation inside dust collector. It is necessary to eliminate frequently dust in location where dust in air is serious.

1)Dust elimination of dust collector: after shutdown of engine, loosen nut of air filter, and dismantle it together with lid, dump dust in dust collector, then assemble again.

2)Replace with new filter element: normal work life of filter element is 500 hours approximately, it is necessary to replace with new filter element when it is impossible to maintain or service filter element. After stopping engine, loosen nut of air filter, and dismantle lid, draw out filter element, then assemble again after replacing with new filter element.

3)Servicing of filter element:

Dry type cleaning: a simple method is to knock front end of filter element by palm or soft object, shake off dust, apply force carefully, do not damage filter element. Another method is to blow with air current of no more than 0.5MPa from inside to outside in the inclined direction until no dust is blown out any more after dismantling filter element.

Wet type cleaning: place filter element in warm water containing detergent, rock back and forth, rinse cleanly, then wash with clean water, swing to get rid of water and dry it completely under natural condition before assembling. Under no circumstance should gasoline or other organic solvents be used for washing, otherwise filter element will be damaged thoroughly.

10. Cleaning of radiator

Clean radiator once per 200 hours of working approximately, and replace water in water tank, water filled in water tank must be clean soft water, and add 50% of anti-freeze liquid in winter. Cleaning of radiator is very important, dust accumulated on radiator will reduce cooling effect and efficiency tremendously.

11. Fuel tank

In case of fuel shortage, it is necessary to fill timely, it is required to turn off engine before filling, and fill by using electric gasoline pump at fuel tank side, when fuel contains impurity, it is necessary to filtrate before filling. In order to prevent condensation, after completing each day of work, it is necessary to fill fuel tank fully. It is necessary to open drain valve on bottom surface of fuel tank to drain water out once before starting each day of work, the method is: turn hollow screw plug counter clockwise by 360°, and tighten clockwise after completing water drainage.

12. Swing structure

It is necessary to check lubrication oil of swing speed reducer per week, and supplement 85W-90 gear oil timely in case of shortage of oil volume, so as to avoid acceleration of abrasion of the swamp buggy excavator due to oil-shortage operation.

13.Swing bearing

It is necessary to check bolt once per week or 50 hours of work of new swamp buggy excavator approximately, and check once per 200 hours approximately afterwards, tighten timely in case of discovery of loose bolt, so as to ensure adequate pre-tightening force. It is required to fill lubrication grease to swing bearing and swing gear per shift, so as to prolong work life.

14. Traveling mechanism

It is necessary to check traveling speed reducer per week, and supplement gear oil timely in case of shortage of oil volume. When filling oil, the swamp buggy excavator should be parked on horizontal ground surface as far as possible, turn oil filler and oil drainage opening at one horizontal surface, unscrew screw plug, fill from filler by using funnel, until there is oil overflowing out of oil drainage opening.

15. Crawler

Extremely loose track chain may cause chain to fall off, on the contrary, extremely tight chain will increase traveling resistance and shorten life of chain, therefore, it is necessary to adjust tightness of chain appropriately. When adjusting tension force of chain, firstly unscrew fixing nut, then unscrew locking nut, turn and adjust bolt so as to adjust chain tension force to appropriate degree, then tighten all fixing nuts and locking nuts again.

16. Anti-friction strip

When anti-friction strips on bottom and flank of track have been worn to a very thin degree, it is essential to replace timely, otherwise abrasion of hull will be accelerated.

17. Working device

Nuts on working device pin should be fastened appropriately, and tension degree should be checked frequently. In case of occurrence of shaking caused due to abrasion of pin and bucket teeth sleeve, it is necessary to replace timely, so as to prolong usage life of working device. In case of extreme abrasion, working device will be damaged.

18. Electric accessories

Regarding electric accessories of diesel engine, please refer to relevant diesel engine usage instruction manual. Battery is the power supply for diesel engine starting, illumination and other electric devices, it is necessary to check once per 50 hours. In case of fall of electrolyte level of battery, it is necessary to supplement distilled water timely. In case of overflow of electrolyte, it is necessary to supplement weak sulphuric acid solution, and ensure that electrolyte specific weight is between 1.26 and 1.28. Make sure to dismantle negative polar adapter when battery is not used, and avoid perpendicular incidence of sunlight. When being reused, it can only be used after charging. During usage, maintain cleanliness of connecting terminal.

19.Items to be noticed for long-term sealing-up storage


Works needed to be completed


Check status of parts, contamination degree of hydraulic oil and engine oil.


Apply a thin film of lubrication oil on location where it is easy to corrupt; fill lubrication grease on lubrication points.


Store after dismantling and saturation charge. Dismantle end grounding wire.

Dustproof and damp-proof

Drain cooling water completely, in order to prevent damp, it is necessary to cover engine by using thin film cover.


Store after check and maintenance.

Lubrication operation

Run the swamp buggy excavator under no load at low speed once per month, this is to prevent damage of the swamp buggy excavator due to long-time stoppage. During the period, attention should be paid to change of temperature of engine cylinder head.

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