What are the fuel, hydraulic oil and lubrication grease of the wetland excavator??

Fuel, hydraulic oil, lubrication grease and lubrication points used for the wetland excavator are indicated in following table:

Utilization occasion

Oil product types

Oil product grades

Diesel engine


Summer: grade 0 diesel

Winter: grade -10 diesel

Diesel engine

Engine oil

According to requirements of engine usage instruction manual

Hydraulic oil tank

Hydraulic oil

Anti-abrasion 46; Anti-abrasion 68

Gear tank

Gear oil

Gear oil 85W-90

Swing gear, bearing and pin

Lubrication grease

Lithium base grease 3

Notice: when different grades of oil products are selected for usage, it is essential to replace all rather than mix in usage.

wetland excavator fuel hydraulic lubrication grease

                     (Lubrication position diagram)

①Bucket position                 5 positions   Fill oil per shift

②Arm position                    8 positions   Fill oil per shift

③Traveling tension side          4 positions   Fill oil per shift

④Swing Bearing                   1 position    Fill oil per shift

⑤Boom position                   6 positions   Fill oil per shift

⑥Engine water pump position      1 position    Fill oil per shift

⑦Traveling driving side          2 positions   Fill oil per shift

It is necessary to fill lubrication grease at positions mentioned above, Grade: Lithium base grease 3#.

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