How to disassemble, install and transport a swamp buggy excavators?

1.Swamp buggy excavator must be disassembled into major parts mentioned below for transportation by using towing vehicle or cargo truck:

Upperstructure  (with the exception of arm and bucket)


Cross beam

Arm and bucket


Release pressure of oil in oil tank.

Dismantle arm and bucket, take care to pack joints well, so as to avoid entering of sundries.

Fix upperstructure oil cylinder by using rope, so as to protect oil cylinder from knocking and collision during transportation.

Dismantle hydraulic hose between hull and upperstructure central joint; then dismantle bolt connecting upperstructure and cross beam, and take down upperstructure by hoisting.

Draw out the cross beam (steel pipe)connecting left/right hull.


Arrange hulls on two sides in parallel.

Insert the cross beam as per position.

Hoist upperstructure and place it on the cross long beam, clamp connecting cover, and tighten bolt.

Connect hydraulic hose between hull and upperstructure central joint.

Install arm and bucket.


When dismantling hose, it is necessary to bind up by using textile and etc, and clean each pipe fitting thoroughly first for connecting.

For hoisting, it is necessary to operate on flat and firm ground surface, and select appropriate hoisting point for hoisting, so as to ensure to always maintain balance of hoisted parts during hoisting process.

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