Special attention should be paid to the several points as follows during daily maintenance

It is necessary to check all bolts once per week or 50 hours of working of new amphibious excavator approximately, then check once per 200 hours approximately afterwards, especially bolts of swing bearing, in case of occurrence of looseness condition, it is necessary tighten timely, so as to avoid occurrence of damage or serious accident during operation.

Before each shift of engine starting, check whether engine oil level is normal in accordance with requirements of engine instruction manual, it is necessary to supplement engine oil as per specified grade; it is necessary to replace engine oil filter element and engine oil upon 50 hours of work of new amphibious excavator and once per 250 hours afterwards.

Gear oil grade of speed reducer is 85W-90, it is necessary to check per week, and supplement timely when oil volume is inadequate, so as to avoid oil-shortage operation, which accelerates abrasion of the amphibious excavator.

Oil cylinder piston rod should avoid collision and contact with hard article and live wire, so as to prevent piston rod surface from damage.

It is essential to keep fuel clean, replace fuel filter element upon 50 hours of work of new amphibious excavator and once per 200 hours afterwards, discharge sediment water in fuel tank each day, so as to avoid damage of engine.

Do not adjust hydraulic components and pipeline system at discretion as they are precise components and have been set up correctly before delivery from factory, in case of discovery of abnormal phenomenon, it is necessary to turn off the amphibious excavator, contact with manufacturer or let professionals to repair.

Pay attention to abnormal phenomena such as sound of hydraulic system, heat generation and etc, in case of abnormal conditions, it is necessary to analyze carefully or consult relevant personnel and handle timely. When the amphibious excavator operates under abnormal conditions, more serious malfunctions may be caused.

When checking and repairing the amphibious excavator, it is necessary to prevent accidental operation, be sure to turn off engine and place bucket on ground. Pay attention to safety of checking and repairing operation.

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