What are the daily checking items for the inspection and maintenance amphibious excavator??

All the following items of the amphibious excavator shall be inspected carefully time by time:

Diesel engine section: carbon formation and pollution of amphibious excavator; tension and damage conditions of belt; color of exhaust gas and abnormal noise; damage condition of radiator and cooler; looseness and falling-off conditions of nut, bolt and gasket; detailed conduction should be in compliance with requirements of usage instruction manual of relevant model engine.

Upper structure: fuel level, leakage and diesel impurity conditions inside diesel tank; it is necessary to unscrew water drainage screw plug under counterweight frequently before starting in morning shift, so as to drain off sediment water in fuel. Oil level and leakage conditions in hydraulic oil tank; leakage, damage and abnormal noise conditions of hydraulic components and pipeline; looseness and falling-off conditions of bolts, nuts and gaskets.

Traveling device: tension force, abrasion and damage conditions of track chain; damage and distortion conditions of buoyancy tank or central frame; oil leakage condition of central joint; looseness, falling-off and damage conditions of chain wheel, pin, chain plate and crawler.

Working attachment: leakage condition of oil cylinder and pipeline; distortion and damage conditions of working attachment, abrasion condition of bucket; looseness, abrasion and damage conditions of bucket teeth; looseness and falling-off conditions of nuts, bolts and gaskets.

Other sections: damage conditions of instruments, switches, alarm lamp and horn; looseness, short circuit and falling-off of electric circuit system; damage condition of appearance and etc.

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