How to perform a correct inspection and maintenance of marsh buggy excavator??

When checking and maintaining the machine, it is necessary to park the marsh buggy excavator on flat and firm site.

In order to prevent accidental operation, it is necessary to turn off engine. And conduct under no load condition of complete marsh buggy excavator.

Do not disassemble and adjust hydraulic device at discretion, if it is necessary to disassemble and adjust, operation should be conducted by professionals, otherwise components may be damaged. Hydraulic components should be free from knocking or dust contamination. Bolts on hydraulic components bear very large pressure, it is necessary to check and tighten frequently. Junction plane of hydraulic components should be free from scratch and entry of foreign matter.

When replacing components and parts, it is essential to use quality products, the best is to use original products, do not replace high strength bolts used on hydraulic components and pipeline with common bolts, otherwise malfunction may occur or cause safety accident.

Sealing element used should be free from scar, it is necessary to be careful during installation, so as to avoid scuffing.

After dismantling hydraulic pipeline and oil tank, it is essential to wash cleanly before installation.

Conduct regular maintenance in accordance with requirements on check, maintenance and items to be noticed, check and repair minor defects timely, so as to prevent development into serious malfunctions, daily check of each day can prolong machine life and effectively reduce marsh buggy excavator shutdown maintenance time.

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