How to maintain Stabilizer / Side Pontoon and Spuds?

Please do not dismantle or adjust the hydraulic components or pipe system because they are all precise component and have already been tested. In case of any abnormal noise or heating, just stop the Amphibious Excavator/Undercarriage and contact us or pro

How to maintain the amphibious undercarriage pontoons??

​Careful/overall check and strict/careful maintenance are very important to prolong Amphibious Excavator/Undercarriage life, it is more important especially when working under execrable environment.

How to correctly operate and inspect the amphibious excavator, marsh buggy, backhoe dredger??

When traveling on marsh or water, firstly it is necessary to check whether there is damage or crack on buoyancy tank, if yes, it is necessary to stop traveling immediately and proceed with repairing.

How to install side pontoons to the amphibious excavator??

Insert the cross beam as per the correspondent position. Mounting pin 1.Hoist side pontoon and insert the cross beam. Mounting pin 2.Connect the concerned hydraulic pipes or hoses.

How to mount the amphibious undercarriage to the upper structure of the excavators??

Arrange track pontoons on two sides in parallel on flat and firm ground surface. and adjust distance.Insert the cross beam as per position. Install to Pin1 and Pin2.Hoist Center frame and place it on the cross beam, clamp connecting cover 1, and tighten b

How to transport the amphibious excavator??

​SUNTON has several types of amphibious excavators, small types are usually integral design and no need to dismounting the excavators into parts for transportation.

​In what conditions the floating excavator could work or could not work??

​In order to prevent roll over and damage of backhoe dredger excavator, please comply with following allowable conditions strictly for usage.

What is the side pontoon and spuds stabilizer used for??

​SUNTON Amphibious undercarriage have two types stabilizers or side pontoon and spuds system. One type is foldable spud system, another is normal spud system. Normal type spuds could only move up and down, being controlled through hydraulic cylinders, win

How to Install and Maintain the Sewage Cutter Pump, Diesel Booster Pump??

Remove the discharge pipe plug on the pump and tapping pipe plug on the suspension, discharge all the oil remained in pump and the suspension oil reservoir chamber.Pump assembly sequence is basically the opposite direction to the pump disassembly order.


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