How to operate, inspect and maintain the traveling system of the land and water excavator??

Push engine speed governing handle, so as to enhance engine rotation speed. Operate traveling operation handle as per forward traveling direction or backward traveling direction.

How to start, inspect and maintain the engine of the wetland amphibious excavator??

Check whether components and parts have been lost or damaged during transportation, whether components and parts have looseness or fallen off.Add water, engine fuel, engine oil and hydraulic oil fully in accordance with stipulations.

What shall the operator pay attention to before the first start of the new backhoe dredger excavator??

​To a very large extent, usage life of excavator depends on usage and maintenance status during its breaking-in period, it is essential to increase load slowly when starting usage of new backhoe dredger.

How to operate correctly the marsh excavators- Operating handle, joysticks, foot padel and buttons??

Combination switch: includes traveling lamp switch, working lamp switch, air heater switch and fan switch. Starting switch: starting switch has three positions which are switch-off, switch-on and starting respectively.

How to operate correctly the swamp buggy excavators- Schematic diagram of LCD screen monitor??

​In order to use swamp buggy excavator correctly, it is required to understand monitor, indicator lamps and set-up of pilot operation handle inside cab adequately before operation, so as to realize safe and skillful operation of excavator.

What are the amphibious excavator’s electric system composed of ??

​The electric system is of a DC 24V battery group power supply system, circuit negative pole is grounded. The battery group consists of two 12V batteries connected in series.

What are the Amphibious Excavator’s Hydraulic System Composed of ??

​The amphibious excavator adopts full hydraulic driving, i.e. traveling, swing, excavation and etc all rely on hydraulic driving.

How to correctly operate the amphibious excavator, swamp buggy excavator??

​It is very important to operate the Amphibious Excavator/Undercarriage in a safe and standardized manner in accordance with requirements of instruction manual during work, only by doing so, can normal work of the Amphibious Excavator/Undercarriage and sa

How to repair the amphibious undercarriage pontoons??

​In case of discovery of any abnormal phenomena of the Amphibious Excavator/Undercarriage, it is necessary to stop the Amphibious Excavator/Undercarriage immediately and check timely, the following table lists normal malfunction symptoms, reasons and elim


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