How to operate safely a swamp buggy excavator?

It is very important to operate the swamp buggy excavator in a safe and standardized manner in accordance with requirements of instruction manual during work, only by doing so, can normal work of the swamp buggy excavator and safety of personnel and prope

How to fix a problem of swamp buggy excavator breakdown?

In case of discovery of any abnormal phenomena of the swamp buggy excavator, it is necessary to stop the swamp buggy excavator​ immediately and check timely, the following table lists normal malfunction symptoms, reasons and elimination methods for refere

How to correctly check and maintain the swamp buggy excavators?

When using a unit of new swamp buggy excavator, special attention should be paid to maintenance, in case of merely operation without paying attention to working mode and maintenance, the swamp buggy excavator​ may be subject to frequent occurrence of malf

What are the fuel, hydraulic oil and lubrication grease of the wetland excavator??

Fuel, hydraulic oil, lubrication grease and lubrication points used for the wetland excavator are indicated in following table.

How to disassemble, install and transport a swamp buggy excavators?

When dismantling hose, it is necessary to bind up by using textile and etc, and clean each pipe fitting thoroughly first for connecting.

Special attention should be paid to the several points as follows during daily maintenance

It is necessary to check all bolts once per week or 50 hours of working of new amphibious excavator​ approximately, then check once per 200 hours approximately afterwards, especially bolts of swing bearing, in case of occurrence of looseness condition, it

What are the daily checking items for the inspection and maintenance amphibious excavator??

All the following items of the amphibious excavator​ shall be inspected carefully time by time.

How to perform a correct inspection and maintenance of marsh buggy excavator??

​When checking and maintaining the machine, it is necessary to park the marsh buggy excavator on flat and firm site. In order to prevent accidental operation, it is necessary to turn off engine. And conduct under no load condition of complete marsh buggy

What to be aware of when operation swing system or slewing part of floating excavator??

​Swing system of floating excavator is equipped with normal close type of brake, which can open automatically when swing. When operation handle is in middle position, braking relies on spring.


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