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SUNTON Dredge Pumps

SUNTON Dredge Pumps

11.1 Production Introduction

SUNTON DP500 hydraulic dredge pump could be used on the dredging excavators or other dredging equipment for dredging sand, gravel or mud etc. The material of the pump impeller and housing is high-chromium cast iron which is particularly applied for dredging sand and gravel and have very good performance on wear resistance, easy to be replaced and low cost.

The DP500's flow is 500m3/h. Solid content is 30-40%. Diameter of the outlet is 150m. It can be driven by the engine output 120KW and the hydraulic pump as Doosan K3V112 or same kind.

The pump is impeller centrifugal pump, including 2 rotate cutter or stirrers which loosen the mud or sand matters for suction. The pump is hydraulically driven instead of electrically driven which has more applications in deep water area and used for dredging different matters. The electrical pumps usually met the problem of short circuit or burn when dredging the hard matters. Delivery time usually is 40 days.

11.2 Product Specification

Fit to 18tons, 20tons or 25tons or 30tons excavators.

There are 2 shafts of the bucket, Φ70mm andΦ80mm, which shall be confirmed which one will be ordered by the customer, so does the width of the baffle plate of the inner-ear plate of the bucket.

The rotating speed of the major shaft of the suction pump is 1200RPM.

Applicable water depth: 0.5-10m.

Diameter of the outlet hose is Φ150mm

Max. pumping head: 35m.

Max. flow: 500m3/h.

11.3 Product Warranties and Claims:

SUNTON, being as the Supplier, will guarantee that the dredge pump are made of best materials, with first class workmanship, brand new, unused and correspond to all respects with the quality, specifications and performance as stipulated in this contract. SUNTON also guarantees that the product when properly operated and maintained, will give satisfactory performance.

The guarantee period for the Goods is twelve (12) months or 2000 working hours from the date of delivery time. In case of any defect due to bad workmanship or use of defective materials, which emerges within the guarantee period, Customer could notify SUNTON in writing with a detailed and illustrated description, photos or videos of the defect. SUNTON has the right through the representative to check up and perform inspection of the defect in the place of presence of the product. If the defect is confirmed to be quality defects, SUNTON is obliged to ship the concerned replacement parts at FOB term to Customer within 30 (thirty) days since the date of inspection. All concerned liability of SUNTON on the product warranty is only limited to provide replacement parts and excluding providing any overseas or on-site services.

In case of any quantity unconformity to the packing list, Customer pls make a written claim with any possible photos evidence within 10 (ten) days from the ETA of the product on the destination port. All the possible damages or accidents occurring in transportations shall be claimed against the Insurance Company.


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