General Information

Hefei SUNTON Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd., hereinafter referred to as SUNTON, is the earliest and the most professional OEM manufacturer specializing in amphibious dredging and mining equipment and providing integral dredging solution in China. SUNTON’s major products includes amphibious excavator (also named as marsh excavator, swamp buggy excavator, swamp backhoe, mud buggies and floating backhoe etc.), amphibious undercarriage and kinds of custom-built amphibious equipment as amphibious draglines, drill buggy, cargo buggies, transporters or carriers and amphibious dumper etc. Meanwhile, SUNTON also develops full range of front parts or attachments to above mentioned amphibious equipment, including cutter pumps, long reach booms and supplementary pontoons and spuds stabilizers etc.

SUNTON was built in 2005, located in Hefei City, one of the largest industrial centers of heavy duty construction machines in China. SUNTON Production facility covers 6875 square meters, 74000 square feet, supported by 165 employees. Mr. Yue, the founder of the company is a talent expert on hydraulic excavator. Since 1990 when he worked for Anhui Mining Machinery Institute, he has been fascinated and inspired to custom build kinds of marsh equipment especially amphibious or marsh excavators to adapt to the most severe and difficult conditions for working in wetlands, swamps, marshes, mud or soft terrains. Driven by his passion, Mr. Yue built SUNTON in 2005 and leads his working team to make a continuous development and optimization of full range of amphibious machineries and provide the most cost-effective solutions to the customers from over 20 countries.

SUNTON is ISO9001:2008 certified. Business management especially QA/QC is strictly performed conforming to ISO9001:2008 standards. Series of the products get the CE certificates and are sold to over 20 overseas countries with good market feedbacks. On domestic market of amphibious excavators, SUNTON owns a market share more than 60%. It is the appointed and listed equipment supplier of CMC of China for the Government Dredging and Drought Projects. The unique design and sound performance of the amphibious excavators was repeatedly broadcasted by CCTV. Thanks to over 10-years consistent dedication of every team member, SUNTON brand image is always top listed in China in the field of amphibious equipment.

Business Value and Strategy

SUNTON always persists on the Business Value of Honesty and Integrity, Directive and Active, Product Development Ideas of Simplicity, Integrity, Reliability, Durability, Commonality and Accessibility. It’s SUNTON’s Business Strategy and Vision that Staying at the Cutting Edge of Amphibious Dredging Equipment Field and Providing the Integral Dredging Solution to the Customers with the best ROI.

Main Product Categories

SUNTON provides plenty of muscle to tackle even the most demanding requirement. SUNTON develops full range of amphibious equipment and attachments, with patented features on almost all models. Each machine is carefully examined and specifically tailored to an individual job location, terrain, and workload. Major Product Categories are as below:
1. Amphibious Excavators
Brand New Amphibious Excavators (8-36tons)
Used Amphibious Excavators (20-30tons)
2. Amphibious Undercarriage
Standard Amphibious Undercarriages (5-47tons)
Extendable Amphibious Undercarriage (5-47tons)
3. Supplementary/Additional/Side Pontoons and Spud Stabilizers (5-47tons)
4. Amphibious Cargo Buggies (3-15tons)
5. Amphibious Dumps/Dumpers (3-15tons)
6. Parts and Accessories of Amphibious Equipment
7. Dredgers
Cutter Suction Dredger
Jet Suction Dredger
Bucket Chain dredger
8. Mining Machinery
Gold Dredging Machinery
Iron Mining Machinery
9. Aquatic Weed Harvester
10. Sand Processing and Screening Machinery
11. Dredge Pumps
12. Long Reach/High Reach Front Parts
Long Reach Boom
High Reach Demolition Boom
Excavator Short Boom
Demolition Shear
Pile Hammer
Excavator Bucket
Grab / Grapple / Gripper / Grappler
Quick Hitch / Coupler / Coupling
13. Oil Drilling Machinery
Pneumatic Winch
Steel Wire Rope-Furling Machine
14. Other Custom-Built Amphibious Equipment
SUNTON Amphibious Undercarriage for Drill Rig


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